Things Facebook Ruins Part 1

For nine years, I have watched Facebook change in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s been for the better but the blame is not entirely for the owners of the website. Facebook used to be a method for keeping people you don’t see often in contact if that was desired but changes were needed as it grew and I can’t remember much of what it was like nine years ago when I first made an account. But there’s enough problems with Facebook right now that makes the experience unpleasant enough for an article. So here’s what I hate about this website. If this article were a train, hyperbole would be the coal.

Facebook ruins politics

Do you like political discussions? Have you ever had coffee with someone and really gotten into the policies of a politician and discussing the ethics of their stances and really get those endorphins running? When’s the last time you had this on Facebook?

Few things have been dumbed down as much as politics when it comes to Facebook. People are shouting but few know what they’re talking about and in fact, I can summarize political discussions with one fucking image.


Yes, let’s reduce how we actively talk about our political campaigns using Star Wars. This is so black and white that we have our aspiring dictator and the messiah.

Political discussion typically can have an “us vs them” mindset but take that and add people who don’t know what they’re talking about and you have enough mindless yelling to bring a scholar to their knees for mercy.

Voting for Trump? Well you must be a bigot so enjoy your fascism! Voting for Sanders? Well you must be wanting free shit so enjoy your socialism! It’s all bullshit that is spewed out by people who need to be told “it’s not that simple” when discussing politics. And let’s not forget every moron with an empty threat to move to Canada if [X politician] wins a major election.

To further expand on the “us vs them” mindset, here’s a screenshot example. Typically, I would rather censor the person’s name and profile picture but this person does want the page views and is trying to gain more followers who will listen to his regurgitated politics.


These people exist and they’re all over Facebook. I’m not even scratching the surface and the above image is like a textbook example of political bullshit. It’s everywhere and will continue to be.

As I am writing, we are arguing over two more topics which are transgenders using which bathroom and who should be on the $20 bill. One would think that the argument over Harriet Tubman over Andrew Jackson should be something people would move on from easily from but no. What instead happens is my news feed becomes flooded with more and more people who think they’re fighting the biggest civil rights fight they’ve ever been in. And then there are people against having Tubman on the bill using a favored buzzword, “socialism”.


Facebook ruins nostalgia

Please just go away.

You are going to find pages from either obscure radio stations or pages that whore for the attention they don’t deserve by using images tell you to like and share if you remember what they’re posting about.


Then these pages will give you clickbait lists with arbitrary numbers for how many items are in the list. What makes these list links even more sad is how the comment from the Facebook page will say about how big of a deal a certain number in the list is.

Oh fuck off.
Oh fuck off.

If you look at the last two images, you’ll notice that they reference the website called Shared. Though if you were to go to, you’ll get to a page that isn’t prepared. Your Facebook friends are sharing this type of content right now so instead of anything meaningful, you may instead see an image telling you to like and share if you think the Teen Titans animated series should return. I don’t understand how people aren’t tired of this shit.

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