My Problem With Spirit Science

Back when I was a little kid, my family brought in a very loving cat. From what I remember, my relationship with her was very good. How long we had her is not something I remember. However, it wasn’t too long before my lungs were struggling. Breathing became a challenge.

My family wasn’t sure of what was going on until my doctor found that not only was I allergic to cats but the allergy was triggering asthma. This still affects me today and if my day involves seeing people who have cats, an allergy pill is needed to prevent anything from happening but that’s still not guaranteed.

Medical issues are not new to me and and I’m predicting that the cost of living for me might become more expensive as I age. It’s said that the doctor was sent by God to help me but asthma has been a well known condition. It’s very safe to say that without modern medical practice, I would have died a long time ago. What does this have to do with Spirit Science? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.

When I was young, I remember watching Kent Hovind videos. For those who don’t know, Kent Hovind is a self-proclaimed professor who taught creationism through seminars and videos. There are a lot of churches and Christian organizations who take him seriously leading his seminars to be a very strong business for him even if he didn’t know what he was talking about. Not only did he say that you could cover the earth with one drop of water if you spread it around enough but he doesn’t even know what scientific theory is. He was wrong on so much but his charisma is what helped him. People like Hovind are salesmen. Very dangerous salesmen. He is not the first and is not the last.

I’m on Facebook a lot and besides the junk posts I see, I have noticed a certain Facebook page titled “Spirit Science”. My first thought was about how the title was an oxymoron because the spirit is not something that can be demonstrated and tested. Shrugging it off, I moved on but still found more shared posts from Spirit Science. Curiosity eventually lead to some digging to find that it has a YouTube channel. The titles tell you that you’re in for New Age related material and for those who don’t know, New Age was a movement from around the 60s and 70s where people weren’t satisfied with Christianity and looked for an alternative taking different religious beliefs and blending them into a mental beverage of untestable and unfalsifiable material such as chakras.

The first video I watched was the one on evolution. I at least studied some in college and figured I could easily find out what was bullshit from it and found that the way I was approaching it wasn’t even covering the tip of Jordan’s (the creator) ice berg.

Like this except made of shit.

Jordan has gone over “sacred geometry” before this video and applies this to his evolution video. To put it bluntly, he spoke of shapes fitting into other shapes. If you understand any of how evolution works, half of his video is a non-sequitur. Evolution is the explanation of the diversity in life. It explains that creatures born will be different from their parents and can create or spread new characteristics for the better or worse. Evolution does not tell us that we’re getting bigger, faster, stronger and smarter. It’s simply telling us that life changes over time. It’s not a ladder. But like the creationists, Jordan is treating it as so.

After Jordan spends time telling you about shapes fitting into other shapes, he tells you that we’re evolving. Right now. The way that he explains it tells me he doesn’t understand how mutations occur. He implies that we make these “leaps” which is what creationists strawman our arguments to be. Creationists will acknowledge micro-evolution but not macro-evolution which is similar to telling me that you can measure in centimeters but not in meters. Jordan simply thinks of macro. But the real problem is that he thinks we’re going to become like mutants from X-men. He seriously thinks that we’re going to become super-powered beings. It’s not just wrong but self-praising for being wrong. It’s very clear that Jordan doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Not only is he full of shit about evolution but he also believes that illness is created by the person who became ill. Screw allergens. Got a cold? Well, that’s your fault for your thoughts, buddy. Got food poisoning? Nope, thoughts are to blame. Born with an STD? Thoughts. Don’t believe me? Here’s Jordan’s video.

Fuck you, Jordan. No really. Fuck you and your pseudoscience. If my family used that kind of mentality, I would be dead long ago. I don’t have my thoughts to thank for being alive today as much as I have modern medicine’s ass to kiss. Inhalers and antibiotics saved me and your mental garbage will not.

If you want to have the word “science” in your name, you need to represent that better. For now, the best way I can describe your channel is with Murderface on this Metalocalypse scene.

You have been running your YouTube channel for a while along with your website. While we live in an age where people can have whatever beliefs they have, what you’re saying still matters to me and here’s why.

You have…
… an audience.

Every person giving your video a thumbs up is one more person who could be blowing money on crystals and pseudoscientific books. One more person who could be neglecting medicine their doctor told them to use for “alternative medicine”. One more person who doesn’t understand the fucking point and advantage of using pesticides on our crops.

When you have an audience, you have a certain responsibility because they may look up to you and trust your word. This is what I mean when I said Kent Hovind was a dangerous salesman. New Age is Jordan’s business and he’s selling you bullshit that I hope doesn’t become too dangerous one day.

The greatest of all sins is stupidity and Jordan’s has a greater effect than what he knows. He has the power to hinder scientific knowledge for people replacing it with unverifiable and untestable nonsense. What’s worse than Stormfront telling us that the Jews are the source of our problems? It’s when people believe them.

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