Give Me Coffee Or Get Out – An Introduction

I like writing and it’s the year 2015 so, I gotta get some sort of WordPress website out there, right? That’s what all the cool hipsters are doing in California. The problem is, I forgot my big-rimmed glasses, flannel shirt and fuck you, I don’t want to grow a stupid mustache.

My main website explains who I am and what I do but what’s the point in this WordPress site? Isn’t WordPress broken anyway? Yeah, it’s kinda broken. That’s beside the point. Sometimes, my brain needs to take a dump and I don’t want to have a Facebook post spanning more than a couple paragraphs. I’d like to use this for publishing any articles or other forms of writing. Some might be short stories and some might be the extent of what I’d currently like to write about which is Dragon Age: Inquisition and how much The Elder Scrolls ruins it for me.

I don’t know where all of my writing will expand to. All I know is that if I’m caffeinated and pissed off, I at least have this WordPress site that I would like to continue making pretty.

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